What your conveyancer wishes you knew about property transactions

“Isn’t a Settlement Agent just filing paperwork?” — Absolutely not!

In the high-stakes world of real estate, there are unsung heroes – settlement agents – working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Our commitment as your settlement agent (also known as conveyancer) goes beyond the obvious paperwork. It’s about ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for buying or selling.

Let’s dive into just some of the common tasks that we are working tirelessly on behind the scenes.

1. Communication
We facilitate communication between all parties involved—real estate agents, banks, and legal representatives—ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the transaction.

2. Property Inspection Support
Conveyancers stand by buyers and sellers alike, providing invaluable support during property inspections. Whether it’s navigating through the intricacies of building and pest assessments or managing unforeseen issues that may surface during these inspections.

3. Reviewing the Contract of Sale
The cornerstone of any property transaction lies in the Contract of Sale, and conveyancers take the reins by thoroughly reviewing its contents. Our meticulous eye for detail ensures that all terms are crystal clear, identifying any aspects that might require clarification or negotiation to facilitate a fair and transparent deal for our clients.

4. Title Searches and Due Diligence
Securing a property with a clear Title is the key, and conveyancers rise to the challenge by conducting title searches and due diligence.

5. Verification of Identity (VOI)
This important process isn’t just about compliance with legal requirements; it’s a crucial step to prevent any fraudulent transactions that might cast a shadow on the property deal.

6. Coordinating with Mortgagees
Liaising with the seller or buyer’s mortgage provider is a key aspect of the conveyancer’s role. We secure necessary pay-out figures and ensure a timely discharge of the mortgage post-settlement.

7. Financial Settlement
Coordinating the financial elements of the settlement is no small task. We manage the transfer of funds from buyer to seller, handling any adjustments that may arise.

8. Title Insurance
One valuable recommendation often made by conveyancers is to consider Title Insurance. This safeguard provides an added layer of protection against unforeseen title defects or issues that may arise after settlement, offering peace of mind to both buyers and sellers.

 The journey doesn’t conclude on Settlement Day, and neither does the conveyancer’s commitment. Post-settlement, we continue to serve our clients by handling essential tasks which may include updating ownership details with the Land Titles Office and facilitating the smooth transfer of utility services to ensure a seamless transition for both parties involved.

As you go through your property journey, rest assured that we as professionals and experts are actively working to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.